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Welcome to Mrs. Foster's 8th Grade Physical Science Class.
Greetings and Welcome to Most Exciting Class of your 8th Grade Year!  On this website you will have the opportunity to browse and stay aware of the progress that your child is making in Physical Science.  Any questions as the parent that  you may have I can be reached using the contact information listed below. 
Scientifically Yours, 
Mrs. Foster 
Contact Information
Contact Information
Mrs. Foster
Rm 615
School Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
5200 Covington Highway
Decatur GA. 30035 
678-875-0397 direct line
678-875-0302 school line 
678-875-0310 school fax 
Don't Forget To Sign Up for Remind 101
@d27h9 for Mrs.Foster's 8th Grade Physical Science 
Course Syllabus
Attached is the syllabus for your student's physical science class.  I would like for you to peruse the course syllabus with your students to ensure that they are aware of all expectations associated with this course.  Students will not receive the paper syllabus you are accustomed to however the course will be available all year on line for your disposal.
Homework is assigned to reinforce what was taught in class. I will assign a variety of different homework experiences. Some are very brief and may only need a few write-in answers, while others may require a large time commitment, creativity, and project steps. These more involved projects enrich the students' understanding of the subject matter and engage kids in topics more fully than we can pursue during class time.
Chem For Kids
It's not just for kids, it's for everyone. If you are looking for basic chemistry help and information, stay on this site. They have information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.
How Stuff Works
This site contains explanations of how everyday tools work, including basic engines, televisions, and even bread. Try this site to answer your curious questions.
NASA for Students
This sit is a great place for projects and research. Students and adults can access the NASA home page from this site, too.
National Geographic
National Geographic for kids brings the world of science and social studies (history, culture, etc.) to students with vivid pictures.
Eighth Grade Science Curriculum
Attached Below is the Link for the Georgia Science Standards.  The Physical Science Standards is the curriculum provided by the county used by teachers to facilitate instruction.  Students will be tested on these standards for the Georgia Milestones.
Safety Rules and Contract
 Safety is the number 1 priority for the teachers, parents and students. In science we are very hands on especially with experiments. To develop, maintain and have a safe laboratory and classroom we must follow these rules to ensure the safety of everyone.
08/08/2016-Welcome Back to Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School
Rules, Expectations and Procedures
Review of Syllabus
Share the remind 101 code with your parents and have them join the class for the semester. @d27h9 :) Look forward to hearing from your parents!  Due Date for Your Parents to join by August 12, 2016.
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